What I am musing about as the holidays approach.  What if:

  1. This holiday season, you spend a little less time than planned working and a little more time than planned with friends and family?
  2. You get every present you want?
  3. More importantly, your eyes light up when you see the joy of your children, grandchildren and other family members opening each of their gifts?
  4. You donate a toy or other gift to someone less fortunate than you?
  5. Your service (Christmas or Hanukkah) is especially meaningful?
  6. Your dinner is especially delicious, whether it is ham, fish (all seven) or latkes and applesauce?
  7. You donate some of that food to a food pantry or other organization?
  8. (For Christians), the tree is magnificent and you have lots of cool new ornaments?
  9. (For Jews), the movie you see on Christmas is a great one, and the Chinese take out is ready on time?
  10. (For Christians) you leave out milk and cookies and Santa really does show up?
  11. (For Jews), your dreidel always comes up “gimmel,” because “hey”, it’s better than a kick in the “shin” at high “noon”?
  12. You have amazing weather the entire duration of your vacation to warmer climates?
  13. If you don’t go to a warmer spot, your snow shovel and snow blower at least will be on vacation, and your snow plowing service won’t be?
  14. We realize how fortunate we are and contribute to a charity to help those not as fortunate?
  15. 2016 turns out to be your best year ever…with nothing but health and happiness for you and your family?
  16. 2016 brings peace and happiness to the entire world?

I hope it all comes true.  Have a safe and joyous holiday season and may 2016 be your best year ever.