Providing Consumer Insights for Abbott

Abbott, a global, broad-based healthcare company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health

Abbott required emergency assistance analyzing data from multiple external sources and translating the data into meaningful insight and actionable recommendations. Abbott retained L. Stern & Associates (LSA) to provide these services.

Working closely with management, L. Stern & Associates did the following:

Created a portrait of consumer users and non-users of a leading Abbott drug, based on analysis from multiple      sources. This analysis included market sizing, competitive analysis, drivers of drug class and brand choice,          role of physician, compliance drivers, and impact of DTC marketing

Assisted in the development of Market Assessments for a leading Abbott drug, including identification of key      strategies to exploit opportunities. These analyses also included market sizing, competitive analysis, drivers      of drug class and brand choice, role of physician, compliance drivers, and impact of DTC marketing

Analyzed impact of the economy on consumer healthcare behavior, utilizing numerous internal and    external research assets. This analysis included an overview of trends in consumer perspectives on the                  economy, past changes in healthcare and other behaviors based upon the economy, and contemplated                  changes based on perceptions of the future

All analyses were successfully completed and presented, and are currently in varying stages of implementation.

“L. Stern & Associates came in and filled an enormous gap for us. Les Stern came up the learning curve very rapidly and was able to quickly provide meaningful insight on a variety of projects, and then effectively communicate findings to management. With Les on board, the rest of our team was able to concentrate on other initiatives. We certainly would use L. Stern & Associates again.”

Colleen Foley, Director
Marketing Analytics and Business Insights

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