Increasing Revenues for a Dental Sleep Center

Drowsy1, a dental sleep center

The client wanted to increase revenues for a new service offering. That offering was to provide patients with an appliance that would reduce snoring and help reduce the risks of the harmful effects of sleep apnea.

Working closely with the client, L. Stern & Associates helped the client implement an integrated marketing plan. In doing so, L. Stern & Associates did the following:
Branded the company, including name, logo, and identity system

Created marketing materials, including brochure, letters and newsletter articles for patients, and letters for          physicians that were potential referrers

Developed and placed newspaper ads and radio spots

Tested various messages to determine which were the most powerful

Assisted client in developing mechanisms to effectively track marketing efforts

Generated more than six figures in incremental revenue in just a few months

Return on investment of advertising campaigns of almost 100%

“We absolutely could not have had the success we did without L. Stern & Associates. The materials they created were very professional. And even more importantly, their efforts in creating and placing media ads had a rapid and dramatic impact on our bottom line.”

Dr. David Schwartz, Director

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