Strategic marketing services make sure that you have what your customers want. Strategic marketing services begin with the following three steps of our process:

• Review your current marketing strategies and tactics
• A
ssess your targets market’s needs and perceptions about you and your competitors
• P
lan what strategies and tactics you will implement

These steps involve answering numerous questions which lead to the development of marketing strategy, including:

The most valuable target markets
The ideal product/service features
The brand promise
Optimal product pricing
The most appropriate positioning and messaging
The best marketing channels to communicate the positioning and messaging

See “Let’s Play 20 (Marketing) Questions” for a comprehensive review of questions.

Following a thorough review and assessment, you will be able to develop and implement a marketing plan. After that, it is back to strategy, as you

• Debrief to refine those strategies and tactics

Our strategic marketing services include:

Marketing Strategy
Our disciplined and proven process will ensure your marketing efforts are based on a thorough understanding of your competitive strengths and weaknesses, and market potential. Our research-based approach will lead to a Marketing Plan including both strategic and tactical recommendations, and the resources required to execute those recommendations.

Branding Development
We will make sure your brand is relevant, unique and trustworthy. Branding strategies are developed based on a thorough understanding of customer, prospect and stakeholder perceptions, market potential, and profit potential. The Branding Recommendation presented at the end of the engagement will provide a clear roadmap for tactical implementation in areas such as product structure and pricing, positioning, and marketing channels. Our White Paper: “The Brand: Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage” contains more information on our branding approach.

Market Research
We conduct quantitative and qualitative research for product development, market sizing, positioning, evaluation of creative concepts, or employee recruitment. We execute telephone, e-mail and Web-based quantitative research; and telephone, Web-based and onsite qualitative research. Our final report includes a thorough analysis, as well as actionable recommendations. The article “Implementing a ‘Customer-Centric’ Nurse Recruiting Program” provides an example of how market research helped a healthcare provider with nurse recruitment.

Positioning ensures that the messages you are delivering to your target markets are the messages they want to hear. A positioning statement is developed upon completion of market research. That statement, which will highlight the organization’s strengths most important to the target market, will serve as the cornerstone for all other messaging.

Marketing Plan Development
The marketing plan is the bridge between strategy and tactics, providing a clear roadmap of what you should (and should not) do. Marketing plans can include a complete review of strategy and analysis. That is followed by a comprehensive implementation plan including tactics, timing, budget, and responsibilities.

“We needed to develop and then execute a branding strategy to improve our bottom line and better serve our community. L. Stern & Associates laid out and implemented a structured, quantitatively based plan to develop the strategy. We now have a very clear roadmap, which will make it much easier to implement the plan. Bottom line, we would definitely recommend L. Stern & Associates.”

Senior Vice President, Community Hospital

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