Branding a Community Hospital

A not-for-profit community hospital

The client wanted to increase market share and financial performance by generating more business and shifting its payer mix. To do so, the organization correctly believed it needed to strengthen its brand in the marketplace.

Working closely with the hospital’s management, L. Stern & Associates developed a branding strategy. In developing the strategy, L. Stern & Associates did the following:

Interviewed key stakeholders to gain an understanding of their perceptions of the hospital.

Analyzed utilization and profitability data to identify opportunities for profitable growth by product line, demographics, and payer.

Conducted consumer research to determine consumer health care preferences and perceptions, and to benchmark the hospital’s awareness and brand.

The project concluded with a Branding Strategy that:

Identified target markets

Determined the most appropriate positioning to those markets

Identified appropriate product and service offerings

Determined the most appropriate media to use

Quantified the required investment for implementation

Created awareness and brand baselines

The hospital is now in the process of implementing the strategy.

“We realized that we needed to develop and then execute a solid branding strategy in order to improve our bottom line and better serve our community. L. Stern & Associates laid out and then implemented a very structured, quantitatively based plan to develop the strategy. As a result, we now have a very clear roadmap, which will make it that much easier to implement the plan. Bottom line, we would definitely recommend L. Stern & Associates.”

Senior Vice President

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