Marketing can be defined as the art and science of making sure you have what your customers want, and then making sure your customers want what you have.

Too often, people think that marketing is only about glitz and creating cool stuff. And part of marketing is about cool stuff.  You can see samples of the cool stuff we have done elsewhere on the site.

But for marketing to be great, it requires a disciplined and analytical approach. Much of the cool stuff you see here was developed after a great deal of analysis and research. We refer to our closed-loop approach as the RAPID approach:

Review your current marketing strategies and tactics

Assess your targets market’s needs and perception about you and your competitors

Plan what strategies and tactics you will implement

Implement the strategies and tactics

Debrief to refine those strategies and tactics

One last note. There is justifiably a lot of buzz about online marketing, from websites to social media to mobile applications. We provide online marketing services, but we believe online and offline marketing need to be integrated, so there is consistency in message and look. So we offer both. Click here to see more about our Services.

“Les walked into a limited engagement and quickly proved so valuable that we retained his services for additional projects. His quick grasp of markets and products that were new to him was very impressive, as was his ability to assimilate information and synthesize it concisely. And his calm, balanced demeanor made him a pleasure to work with. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with Les again, and recommend him to anyone needing strong insights and quick strategic thinking.”

Michelle Blechman
Director, Brand Planning, Abbott Laboratories

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