Establishing a Design-Build Firm’s Brand

Michael Menn Ltd., a Chicago-based architecture and construction firm

Michael Menn, an architect and construction expert with 30 years of design-build experience, was starting his own firm.  He needed to develop his brand, as well as to create online and offline identity and marketing materials.

Working closely with Mr. Menn, and based on our years of experience in the design-build industry, L. Stern & Associates:

Branded the firm with a brand promise of architectural and construction excellence based upon six core                attributes that, in combination, differentiate it from the competition

Developed a tagline and positioning statement consistent with the brand promise

Created a distinctive logo and look to reinforce the brand and provide strong visual appeal

Developed identity materials (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, etc.) incorporating the look

Executed online announcement incorporating look and messaging consistent with the brand promise

Created an optimized Website reflective of brand in both look and positioning

Created a unique business card “leave behind” containing a QR code

Developed a Facebook page reflective of brand in both look and positioning

Mr. Menn successfully launched his company, and received numerous compliments on all branding and marketing components.

“In our business, it is important that the brand communicates a high degree of professionalism.  The brand promise and positioning reflect the priorities of our target market, and are critical in differentiating us.  The online and offline materials support the positioning in terms of content, and look magnificent.  I couldn’t be happier.”

Michael Menn
Principal, Architect, Michael Menn Ltd

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